Worship & Meeting Changes

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church has decided to temporarily worship online to keep people healthy.  If you click the link on the home page, you can watch full worship services which will be created new each Sunday morning at 8:00 am. (Traditional and Praise combined) and at 5:00 pm. (Country Western).  The services will be available 24/7 throughout the week.  All previous worship services will be available there as well.

Please know that our Food Bank (480)982-6789 and Pastoral Care Ministries will be fully functional during this time.

Many of our groups are now meeting online, and a few have been temporarily suspended.  If you feel your group might be meeting, contact the group leader to make certain. If you are a group leader and would like to set-up online meeting(s), please contact the Church Office.

Through COVID-19 and other difficulties we are here to support each other. Your church wants to help you grow spiritually and remain physical healthy.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Fred Steinberg