Sermons tagged with ‘Failure’

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Peter: Breakfast by the Sea


You might’ve failed at something. You might feel guilt and regret as a result. But the best part of our life might be after the failure. So long as we learn the lessons from that failure. In the message today, this is a lesson Jesus teaches Peter.

Peter: When We’re At Our Worst


Guilt is our conscience reminding us that we should have done better. We know we have done something wrong, and we deserve the consequences of our actions. In this week’s message, we learn how Jesus works with a man who felt incredibly guilty when he did what he proclaimed he would never do.

Muzzling Monsters: Send Someone Else


We often fear failure. What happens if it doesn’t work out? What are people going to think if I fail? Fear of failure caused Moses to give a list of excuses when God asked him to do something. Moses even gave God a suggestion. “O my Lord, please send someone else.” Fortunately God didn’t let him excuse his way out of fear. How might God help us deal with our fear of failure?