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Journey to Easter: A Story to Shape Your Life


What is your defining story? It is the framework we use to determine how we understand our life mission and ultimate destination. It can guide how we face adversity and how we put into context all the suffering we see around us. This defining story can have tremendous power over us and be positive or negative. Easter gives us a chance to establish a positive life-altering narrative based on the resurrection of Jesus.

God’s Love is Generous: Meaning & Purpose


King Solomon ruled Israel from about 1,000 BC to around 960 BC. Do you remember what Solomon was known for? He was known for his wisdom. People came from all around to seek his wisdom. Solomon started off well but then something shifted. This shift is noted when the scripture says, “It took Solomon seven years to build the temple and thirteen years to build his house.” In that sentence is a shift that is easy to do if we are unaware.

Second Chances: U Turn

Many Biblical characters needed a second chance. And when you think about it they needed a third chance, fourth chance and… In this five week sermon series, we will take a look at how Jesus was the master of giving a second chance. And when He did lives were transformed. Jesus even said, “For the Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost.” (Luke 19:10) Join us for five weeks of second chances.