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Journey to Easter: Hosanna to Hostility


Jesus made a religious and political challenge by riding a donkey into Jerusalem. People flocked to see the parade. Some lined the streets with their cloaks, others waved palm branches, and many sang Hosanna. This parade created a commotion. But unfortunately, that Jerusalem crowd misunderstood the arrival of Jesus. Jesus wasn’t going to be the king they expected. They wanted Churchill, but they got Gandhi. Before it was over, some of those who cried “Hosanna” on Sunday were shouting, “Crucify him” on Friday.

Peter: Guess Who?


Who do people say that Jesus is? The Barna Research organization reports that nine in ten American adults say Jesus was a real person, but only 56% believe Jesus is God. The question was so important that Jesus takes a poll and asks his disciples what they heard others say. Their answers vary. Then he asks his disciples what they think. Of course, it is Peter who hits the nail on the head.

Light Your Candle: Gift of Salvation


The word “Jesus” means “God saves.” So anytime we say the name Jesus we are saying God saves. He is the deliver. His name says He is Savior. He liberates us. He rescues us. If that is so then what does that really mean?