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Giving from the Heart: Definition of Success


How do we measure success? Often we think the attainment of fame, wealth, and power is a success. Yet King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes proclaims he obtained all these and found them to be meaningless and a chasing after the wind. Then where do we truly find success?

God’s Love is Generous: Meaning & Purpose


King Solomon ruled Israel from about 1,000 BC to around 960 BC. Do you remember what Solomon was known for? He was known for his wisdom. People came from all around to seek his wisdom. Solomon started off well but then something shifted. This shift is noted when the scripture says, “It took Solomon seven years to build the temple and thirteen years to build his house.” In that sentence is a shift that is easy to do if we are unaware.

Wanting ER


Sermon preached at Gold Canyon United Methodist Church in Gold Canyon, Arizona on August 28, 2016 by Rev. Fred Steinberg

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church