For everything there is an opportune time. Every tomorrow is a vision of hope. May we trust God’s timing. May we stand still long enough to feel the earth move with God’s presence.

Water of Life: Create Ripples


Are you feeling the pull to something greater, yet unsure of where to start? Join us as we delve into what it means to be called by God. This isn’t just about answering a call; it’s about embracing a divine invitation to be part of something far greater than ourselves. Discover how, like Simon Peter, embracing your call can lead to unimaginable blessings and transform your life in ways you never envisioned.

What’s Love Got to Do with It?


Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day this year. On Ash Wednesday God hands to us the most beautiful valentine of them all…God opens up God’s heart and shows us that you and I are what God treasures most.

Grateful Hearts: Putting God First


Are you ready to discover the true essence of generosity? In a world where the measure of generosity is often tied to the amount given, Jesus presents us with a refreshing perspective that challenges our understanding and encourages us to reflect on the sincerity of our offerings.

Grateful Hearts: Truth About Treasure


Are you seeking a life filled with true richness and purpose? In this message we’ll explore the transformative power of generosity. In a world that often measures success by material wealth, Jesus offers us a profound counter-narrative: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth…but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.”

Debunking 4 Christian Myths: Miracles & Bricks


In this message we will deal with the myth: Miracles Don’t Happen Anymore. We will also explore the significance of Jesus’ words and actions, the faith of the paralytic and his friends, and the reactions of the onlookers. Whether you’re burdened, seeking healing, or just curious about the power of faith, this message is for you. Come with an open heart, and who knows? You might just find yourself tearing off roofs to get help for people you know.

Debunking Four Christian Myths: Breaking Free


Are you living by law or by grace? Have you ever felt bogged down by the weight of traditions and expectations? In this message we will debunk the myth: “Becoming a Christian means just following a list of rules.” We’ll learn how to break free from the chains of rules and step into the liberating light of grace. Don’t miss this opportunity to renew your spirit and transform your walk with God.

Unmasking Hypocrisy

Ever wonder why it’s so easy to say one thing and do another? In this message, we’re diving deep into the heart of hypocrisy as Jesus challenges us in Matthew 23:1-15. In a world where appearances often matter more than reality, it’s tempting to wear a mask. But what did Jesus really think about such pretense? We’re uncovering the powerful truths in His words, revealing how we can live authentically in faith and actions.

Turn the Page


In order to turn the page and own every area of your life, you must get in the habit of living your life in the presence of God. God does not want anyone wandering in the wilderness forever. A place of promise awaits you…and God is waiting for you to enter.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church