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Upside Down: Be Prepared…BYOF

Jesus tells a parable about five foolish bridesmaids and five wise bridesmaids that seems upside down to other parables Jesus taught about grace, mercy, and sharing. Jesus criticizes the unprepared for not bringing enough oil and highlights the reward for those who have arrived with enough resources. This message will examine what Jesus is teaching us about faith and preparation.

Asking Hard Questions: Is It a Sin to Doubt?


Looking for clarity and guidance in the face of doubt? John 20:19-29 tells the story of the disciples, who were hiding behind locked doors after Jesus’ crucifixion, and Thomas, who had doubts about Jesus’ resurrection. Sound familiar? We all have doubts at times, and this passage offers wisdom on how to deal with them in healthy and productive ways. While doubts may not always lead to answers, they can lead to spiritual growth. Come learn about the healthy and unhealthy ways to approach doubt and find peace in the midst of uncertainty.

Who is Jesus: He is Risen!


In this Easter message we will delve into the story of Mary Magdalene and her encounter with the resurrected Jesus. At first, Mary was distraught upon seeing the empty tomb and assumed that someone had stolen Jesus’ body. However, her despair quickly turned to amazement when she saw the resurrected Jesus standing before her.

Journey to Easter: Distracted by Clothing


The Roman soldiers seek to humiliate Jesus. They anoint Him with a purple robe and their spit in a mock coronation. Yet at the end of the crucifixion, when Jesus dies on the cross, a Roman centurion says, “Truly this man was God’s son.” So what happened to that Roman soldier watching the crucifixion that changed his mind? We will explore the change in a message titled, “Journey to Easter: Distracted by Clothing.”

How God Helps Us Through Our Fears


The youth of Gold Canyon U.M.C. speak about facing fears. This creative worship service lifts up the story of David and Goliath as an example of courage amid fear.

Peter: Guess Who?


Who do people say that Jesus is? The Barna Research organization reports that nine in ten American adults say Jesus was a real person, but only 56% believe Jesus is God. The question was so important that Jesus takes a poll and asks his disciples what they heard others say. Their answers vary. Then he asks his disciples what they think. Of course, it is Peter who hits the nail on the head.

I Am…the Resurrection, and the Life


2,000 years ago Jesus was dead. The stone had been rolled in front of the tomb and the tomb was sealed. This was the end of the story for most Messiahs in the 1st century. But something different happened in the case of Jesus. It was so different that even the disciples had doubts at first. But then the astonishing truth became clear.

Leap of Faith


Faith is the bridge between where I am, and the place God is taking me. Hear what skydiving, Peter’s walk on the water, and making a decision to follow Christ all have in common.

New & Improved: Instead of Doubts


The Disciples doubted. John the Baptist expressed his doubt when he asked Jesus, “are you the one?” We have our doubts. Thankfully Jesus didn’t reject those who doubted. Instead He encouraged them to stick around and develop their faith. How do we handle our doubts?

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