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Who is Jesus: Bread of Life


In this message, we explore the profound promise of eternal nourishment that Jesus offers to each of us. This isn’t just about physical sustenance, but a spiritual feeding that fills our deepest needs and cures our greatest hungers. Whether you’re spiritually starving, just nibbling on the edges of faith, or looking to feast more fully on spiritual truths, this message is for you. Bring your appetite for learning and your heart for understanding, and let’s share this meal of eternal significance together.

Who is Jesus: I Am the Life


In this message, we invite you to explore the remarkable story of Lazarus, where Jesus showcases His power over life and death. In this inspiring passage, we are not only spectators to Jesus’ profound miracle but also participants in a journey of faith and revelation. As Lazarus is brought back from the brink of death, we see a vivid demonstration of Christ’s promise that those who believe in Him will experience eternal life. Whether you’re struggling with doubt, wrestling with delay, or simply eager for a renewal of faith, this message is for you. Come and experience the joy and reassurance that comes from knowing Jesus is always at work, even when we least expect it.

Who is Jesus: I Am the Truth


Are you seeking the Truth in a world full of uncertainty? Jesus doesn’t just talk about truth as a concept; He embodies it. In this message, we will unpack the significance of Jesus being our pathway to truth. We’ll see how His life and teachings provide clear direction and purpose amidst our complex worlds. Watch and be inspired to live out the truth of Jesus in your everyday life. Let’s grow together and witness the remarkable ways God works through those who embrace His truth.

Who is Jesus: I Am the Way


Whether you’re a lifelong believer or just curious about the Christian faith, this message is for you. Experience how embracing Jesus as ‘The Way’ leads to unparalleled peace and a deeper understanding of your purpose in life.

Resurrection: Hope, Light & Life Giving Water


Join us this Easter Sunday for a celebration filled with uplifting music, a message of hope, and the joy of community. Whether you’re facing doubts, seeking peace, or simply looking for a place to belong, you’re welcome here. Together, let’s experience the transformation that comes from encountering the risen Christ and the peace He offers to each of us. See you there!”

The Story of Resurrection: On Being Lazarus


We find ourselves here today, and we know the story. But what does a fantastical resurrection story have to do with us? The ultimate message is this: no matter how dead you feel inside, or how dead your life dreams may feel, God is making a way for you. there is always hope. Can you turn your life around? Can you find new life when everything feels lifeless? Can light shine in what feels like a dark tomb? Yes. Yes. Yes! Join us as we hear stories about those who have found “resurrection” in their lives. It might just inspire you to unlock your own rising up!



Our Savior wore a thorny crown to the cross. This cruelty is but yet another detail of not only His unspeakable suffering but His saving work on our behalf. Consider how the Scriptures help us understand thorns on this Good Friday as we celebrate the Gospel.

A White Christmas


Irving Berlin’s nostalgic words lead us to another lyric that references snow – not as a remembered holiday – but as a symbol of the very heart of Christmas.

Roll Down, Justice: Child of God


This is a time of reminding ourselves who we are called to be in this world as a child of God. Our series is inspired by Amos, a prophet whose message is that God calls us to let “justice roll down like waters.”

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