Have you ever found yourself longing for peace in moments of uncertainty and fear? This Easter, we invite you to a special service that explores the profound message of peace and hope. As we gather together, we will dig into the story of Jesus’ first appearance to His disciples after His resurrection, a moment that transformed fear into joy and doubt into faith.
Imagine the doors are locked, the room is quiet, and suddenly, Jesus stands among His disciples, offering them peace and showing them His hands and side. This act of love and the gift of the Holy Spirit empowered them to forgive and to be messengers of peace. As we reflect on this passage, we’ll explore how Jesus’ peace can calm our fears, heal our wounds, and send us out with a renewed purpose.

Join us this Easter Sunday for a celebration filled with uplifting music, a message of hope, and the joy of community. Whether you’re facing doubts, seeking peace, or simply looking for a place to belong, you’re welcome here. Together, let’s experience the transformation that comes from encountering the risen Christ and the peace He offers to each of us. See you there!”