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What’s Love Got to Do with It?


Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day this year. On Ash Wednesday God hands to us the most beautiful valentine of them all…God opens up God’s heart and shows us that you and I are what God treasures most.

Heart of Christmas: Love

“Have you ever wondered what the true magic of Christmas Eve really is? Join us this Christmas Eve to discover the heartwarming story of Luke 2:1-20, where the timeless tale of Jesus’ birth unfolds under a starlit sky in Bethlehem. This special service is more than just a tradition; it’s a journey back in time to capture the essence of the moment. It’s a perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on the profound reason why we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

God’s Incredible Creation: You!


Are you feeling down about yourself lately? Join us for a special sermon on Psalm 139:1-16 where we’ll explore how with God’s help, we can learn to love and appreciate ourselves as the unique and wonderful individuals we were created to be.

I Love My Church


Some people treat the Church like a restaurant. If the experience isn’t to their liking, they’ll go somewhere else or not go at all. This is beyond unfortunate. It sets up expectations for the Church that it was never intended to fulfill. In this message, we will look at how Jesus intended the Church to be based on relationships that connect us.

Jesus asked: “Do you love me?”


Jesus asks, “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?” Just as Peter denied any knowledge of Jesus three times on that hideous night, Peter is now allowed to announce his love for Jesus the same number of times. In this interaction, Peter has a chance to realize how deep and genuine his love for Jesus is. It’s easy to imagine Jesus asking us, “Do you love me?” As Christians, we know our answer would be, “yes!” Then how do we show it? This message will look at how our answer changes our actions toward others.

I Am… the Good Shepherd


Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd. Which means we are the sheep. Now we may not be flattered by being called sheep but the relationship between shepherd and sheep is a great description of our relationship with Jesus.

Love in the Midst of Conflict


We live in a time of conflict. Two opposing forces or opinions pull us in different directions. Not much communication is taking place between the sides. Both sides think they need to apply more power and they will persevere. But many people get hurt in this type of struggle. Would it surprise you to learn this was going on in the Christian Church in Corinth 2,000 years ago? Fortunately the Apostle Paul had a solution for them.

Better Together: A Friend As Defined by Proverbs


We have a fundamental need for human companionship. All this has become painfully obvious during this time of physical distancing. We are wired to need other people. This week we will look at some scriptures from Proverbs that give us clarity about the type of friendships God wants us to build.

Better Than An Argument


Do you like to argue? Some of us love it. Many of us became experts at arguing when we were teenagers. Evidently Jesus’ disciples loved to argue with the Scribes and Pharisees because Jesus asks, “What are you arguing about with them?” This is a great question for the climate in which we live today. But in the same scripture there is a God given command that tells us how to deal with the arguing that surrounds us.

The Church Has Left the Building: Don’t Social Distance from God


We left the church building over four months ago. That action can help our faith and Christian witness. We are reminded that the Church never was the building. The Church is the people who used to worship in the building. If we are still the Church then how do we stay close to God and close to each other? It is a plant that will give us some direction.

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