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Who is Jesus: Bread of Life


In this message, we explore the profound promise of eternal nourishment that Jesus offers to each of us. This isn’t just about physical sustenance, but a spiritual feeding that fills our deepest needs and cures our greatest hungers. Whether you’re spiritually starving, just nibbling on the edges of faith, or looking to feast more fully on spiritual truths, this message is for you. Bring your appetite for learning and your heart for understanding, and let’s share this meal of eternal significance together.

Message in the Munchies


One of the most significant statements made by Jesus is that he is “the bread of life.” In this message we will delve into the deeper, more profound meaning of Jesus’ words, examining how he offers himself as the true bread of heaven, the source of spiritual nourishment that gives life to the world. We will also contemplate the ways in which our spiritual hunger and thirst can be satisfied by the grace of God, who offers us the bread of life through faith in Jesus Christ. So watch and discover the transformative power of the bread of life.



From time to time, Jesus used something to create something more. For instance, He used water to make wine. He used a fish’s mouth, to deliver a coin to pay Caesar’s tax. He fed a crowd of 5,000 by accepting a boys lunch that had been offered to him. Can these miracles still happen today? Pastor Fred will address that question in a message titled, “Foodini.”

Journey to Easter: A Meal in the Midst of Uncertainty


We don’t know what’s going to happen next. At times the world seems crazy, and it looks like the wheels have come off, and life seems so uncertain. We may have uncertainty about our marriage, our family, our economy, our nation, our world, and our health. Uncertainty causes fear, a sense of powerlessness, or confusion about what to do next. So how do we live with uncertainty? In a message titled “A Meal in the Midst of Uncertainty,” we will look at how communion can help us understand how God strengthens us amid uncertainty.

I Am… the Bread of Life


Bread is comfort food. The smell of bread baking reminds us of home and family. It evokes memories of warmth and love. In a hungry world like ours, where many are starving physically, spiritually and emotionally bread is a gift of hope. Jesus describes Himself as the bread of life. What does He mean by this?

Better Together: A Place at the Table


You can tell a lot about a person’s heart by who has a place at their dinner table. Jesus was constantly getting into trouble for sitting at tables with sinners. It was partly from sitting at too many tables that got Jesus killed. Two thousand years later we sit at a table with Jesus. In this election week may find strength and peace at Jesus’ table.

Come Alive: We Forget


We have a tendency to forget. We forget to buy a birthday card for someone we love or we fail to show up for a very important meeting. Sometimes we even forget God. We fail to remember what God has done for us. So God has devised ways to help us remember because we need reminders.

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