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The Story of Resurrection: On Being Lazarus


We find ourselves here today, and we know the story. But what does a fantastical resurrection story have to do with us? The ultimate message is this: no matter how dead you feel inside, or how dead your life dreams may feel, God is making a way for you. there is always hope. Can you turn your life around? Can you find new life when everything feels lifeless? Can light shine in what feels like a dark tomb? Yes. Yes. Yes! Join us as we hear stories about those who have found “resurrection” in their lives. It might just inspire you to unlock your own rising up!

Unmasking Hypocrisy

Ever wonder why it’s so easy to say one thing and do another? In this message, we’re diving deep into the heart of hypocrisy as Jesus challenges us in Matthew 23:1-15. In a world where appearances often matter more than reality, it’s tempting to wear a mask. But what did Jesus really think about such pretense? We’re uncovering the powerful truths in His words, revealing how we can live authentically in faith and actions.

Roll Down, Justice: Sheep or Goats?


At our baptism we promise to nurture others and are reminded that we are to “serve as Christ’s representatives in the world.” Today we ask the question, “do we as the church look and act like Jesus?”

Who is Jesus: Set Apart by Water


When the great reformer Martin Luther was tempted, he often put his hand on his head to remind himself that he was baptized, that he was different, and that he could resist temptation because of his connection with Christ. In this message, we will look at how the water of baptism sets us apart as Christians.

I Love My Church: Crashing Through the Fence


In the Old Testament, people worshipped differently than we do today. Typically, they would show up at the temple in Jerusalem, make a sacrifice, and ask for God’s favor. Then they hoped for the best. There was a great distance between the worshiper and God. But Jesus changed how we worship God. This message will explore how Jesus broke down the barrier between God and us and our neighbor.

I Love My Church


Some people treat the Church like a restaurant. If the experience isn’t to their liking, they’ll go somewhere else or not go at all. This is beyond unfortunate. It sets up expectations for the Church that it was never intended to fulfill. In this message, we will look at how Jesus intended the Church to be based on relationships that connect us.

20 + C + M + B + 23


Who were these men from the East coming to find the Christ Child? And what important message to they convey to us today in the 21st century?

Light Your Candle: Gift of Salvation


The word “Jesus” means “God saves.” So anytime we say the name Jesus we are saying God saves. He is the deliver. His name says He is Savior. He liberates us. He rescues us. If that is so then what does that really mean?



What matters to our Creator is not the image we present to the world, but the image God created in us.

The Church Has Left the Building: Titles or Testimonies


Three times the Disciples of Jesus argue about who is the greatest. Can you imagine that? These disciples watch Jesus minister to the least, the last and the lost but they still are concerned with their pecking order in the followers of Jesus. Jesus overhears their arguments and gives them some advice.

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