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Heart of Christmas: Joy


Are you ready to experience unwavering joy? This message will explore how the interaction between Mary and Elizabeth is not just a historical account, but a vivid illustration of joy that transcends circumstances. Learn how to embrace joy that comes from faith, not from our surroundings or situations. Let’s discover together how the joy of the Lord can be our strength, in good times and in trials.

Dare To Dance Again


As Easter people we are called to dance our dances of freedom for all the world to see – even and perhaps especially in times of great difficulty. Dances of hope. Dances of justice. Dances of love. During this post-resurrection season let us recapture the joy of living in the beloved community and extending that fellowship through our witness to the world as we dare to dance again.

Find Joy This Christmas: In Difficult Places


The Bible is full of joy. There are more than 400 passages in the Bible about joy. But some of the passages in the Bible are about having joy in the midst of adversity. That seems to be surprising. How do we find joy if we are struggling? How do we find joy when there seems to be no hope? In this message we will take a look at finding joy in difficult places.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church