Sermons by Dr. David Worley

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Our Savior wore a thorny crown to the cross. This cruelty is but yet another detail of not only His unspeakable suffering but His saving work on our behalf. Consider how the Scriptures help us understand thorns on this Good Friday as we celebrate the Gospel.

A White Christmas


Irving Berlin’s nostalgic words lead us to another lyric that references snow – not as a remembered holiday – but as a symbol of the very heart of Christmas.

Answered by a Baby’s Cry


Sometimes, characters from nativity displays go missing. Unfortunately, nativity theft is a common crime. Can you guess which character is stolen the most? The baby Jesus is the character that’s most frequently stolen. In that case, we ask the question, where is Jesus? That’s a great question to ask during Christmas Eve worship. Has Jesus gone missing from our lives?

The Story of Two Palm Trees


Modern song lyrics, classic poetry, and movies often speak of the heart. But what is the heart? What does it mean to give our hearts and especially what does it mean to give our hearts to God?



Today’s sermon comes to us from John 11:28-44, centered around the story of Lazarus which contains the shortest verse of the bible. Follow along with Dr. Worley today as we examine ourselves through the tears of Jesus.

Life Advice 101


The message will focus on four insights found in Prov. 3: 5, 6 which constitute fundamental advice for life. These four insights include a principle, a precaution, a practicality and a promise.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church