Sermons by Katharine Keller

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What’s in a Rock?


As Moses led the Israelites out of the desert, God provided water and honey from the rocks to ease their long journey. Fast forward to God providing salvation for His people for eternity by providing the solid rock of Jesus Christ. “All other ground is sinking sand.”

Roll Down, Justice: We Have Work To Do


Baptismal waters continue to feed the streams of justice as we allow the Holy Spirit to work within us every time we set our hands and feet to the work God has for us to do. As long as there are those who are hurting, hungry, excluded and oppressed, we are called to be faithful disciples, setting a table and inviting all to the feast.

Roll Down, Justice: Sheep or Goats?


At our baptism we promise to nurture others and are reminded that we are to “serve as Christ’s representatives in the world.” Today we ask the question, “do we as the church look and act like Jesus?”

Roll Down Justice: How Long?


We long for God’s justice and peace; we long to be released from the shackles of fear and injustice and until that time, we cry out with the psalmist, “How long?”

Roll Down, Justice: Child of God


This is a time of reminding ourselves who we are called to be in this world as a child of God. Our series is inspired by Amos, a prophet whose message is that God calls us to let “justice roll down like waters.”

Men of Courage

No matter our age, men are commissioned to go into our communities and be a father figure to especially those boys who need a godly male role model, one who loves them unconditionally and leads them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

20 + C + M + B + 23


Who were these men from the East coming to find the Christ Child? And what important message to they convey to us today in the 21st century?

Swallowed By Mercy


We sometimes mistakenly think that before Jesus no one in Israel saw God as merciful and forgiving. No-even Jonah had a surface awareness of that. Jonah ran away from God’s command, not because he feared the Ninevites, but because he feared God’s mercy. This Sunday we will hear again about our merciful and compassionate God and celebrate Communion together.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church