We invite you to bring an item to place on the communion table that symbolizes something you need to give up bringing you closer to God and others. Near the end of the Palm Sunday worship, you will have an opportunity to place it on or near the communion table.

In a world that often values power and status, Jesus turns our expectations upside down, offering us a new way to live and interact with one another. This Sunday, we’ll explore how this act of service is not just a ritual from the past but a call to action for every believer today. Imagine a community where everyone serves one another in love – this is the vision Jesus sets before us!

In this message, we delve into the heartwarming passage of John 13:1-17, where Jesus performs the ultimate act of love and service – washing His disciples’ feet. This isn’t just a story about cleanliness; it’s a powerful lesson on leadership, love, and the profound humility that should characterize our lives.