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Water of Life: Get Washed Up


In this message, we delve into the heartwarming passage of John 13:1-17, where Jesus performs the ultimate act of love and service – washing His disciples’ feet. This isn’t just a story about cleanliness; it’s a powerful lesson on leadership, love, and the profound humility that should characterize our lives.

How is Your Heart: Serving Heart


In Matthew 10:40, Jesus says that anyone who receives one of the disciples is thus receiving Jesus, which is like receiving God. Do we understand how this impacts hospitality? There are profound implications in this teaching by Jesus. There are also implications to Jesus talking about a cup of cold water. What’s the big deal, we wonder? But it is a big deal, and we will explore it in the message, “How is Your Heart: Serving Heart.”

Following Jesus: The Big Ask


Sermon preached at Gold Canyon United Methodist Church in Gold Canyon, Arizona on March 18, 2018 by Rev. Fred A. Steinberg Gold Canyon United Methodist Church 6640 S Kings Ranch Rd. Gold Canyon, Arizona 85118 480-982-3776

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church