In this Easter message we will delve into the story of Mary Magdalene and her encounter with the resurrected Jesus. At first, Mary was distraught upon seeing the empty tomb and assumed that someone had stolen Jesus’ body. However, her despair quickly turned to amazement when she saw the resurrected Jesus standing before her. What’s more, Mary didn’t even recognize Jesus at first! This is a testament to the incredible power of the resurrection and the miraculous transformation of Jesus’ body. We will explore what this means for us as Christians and how we can draw strength and inspiration from this incredible event. We will also discuss the reactions of John and Thomas to the resurrected Jesus. John saw Jesus and believed immediately, but Thomas was skeptical until he could see the wounds from the crucifixion for himself. We will unpack the significance of doubt and belief in our own lives and how we can cultivate a stronger faith in the resurrection.

Join us as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and reflect on its profound impact on our lives.