“Why? Sermon Series in January

In January we will focus on four “Why” questions that many of us struggle to answer. A great strength of the Christian faith is that we are free to ask these questions. The Bible is full of people who went through tremendous tragedy and then complained to God and asked “why.” Many of the Psalms are filled with the cries of anguished people trying to make sense of their suffering and to understand God’s role in light of their pain. So to encourage an open and honest discussion we will deal with the following questions starting on January 1st. We hope you will join us.

Jan. 1 – Why? – Why Do The Innocent Suffer?

Jan. 8 – Why? – Why Do Prayers Go Unanswered?

Jan. 15 – Why? – Why Help People in Other Countries?

Jan 22 – Why? – Why Believe in God?