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God’s Incredible Creation: You!


Are you feeling down about yourself lately? Join us for a special sermon on Psalm 139:1-16 where we’ll explore how with God’s help, we can learn to love and appreciate ourselves as the unique and wonderful individuals we were created to be.

Mother’s Day: The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love


Join us this Mother’s Day as we will explore the story of a mother in the Bible who had to let her son go. In this story, we see that loving mothers protect their children and are willing to make sacrifices for their well-being. Don’t miss this opportunity to honor the incredible women in our lives and learn from their example.

Where Is God When I Suffer?


Life is full of challenges, but we don’t have to let them defeat us. By discovering that God is with us in our suffering, we can learn to overcome adversity and grow in our faith. Rev. Steinberg will offer practical advice and biblical insights to help you navigate the difficulties of life with a renewed sense of purpose and hope. Don’t miss this powerful message of resilience and faith!

How Can I Forgive & Forget?


Jesus himself forgave those who hurt him, setting an example for us to follow. Forgiving can be difficult, but it is important for our own well-being and spiritual growth. Rev. Steinberg will explore the common misconceptions about forgiveness. Is there someone you need to forgive? Come and discover the power of forgiveness in your life.

Why Are My Prayers Unanswered?


Have you ever prayed for healing and felt like your prayers weren’t answered? It’s a common experience, one that can leave us feeling discouraged and wondering if our faith is lacking. But in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Paul reminds us that sometimes God’s answer to our prayers is not the one we were hoping for. He tells us that he pleaded with God three times to remove a thorn in his flesh, but God’s response was, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

This scripture is a powerful reminder that God’s ways are not our ways, and that sometimes our struggles are the very things that allow us to experience God’s grace and power in a deeper way.

Asking Hard Questions: Is It a Sin to Doubt?


Looking for clarity and guidance in the face of doubt? John 20:19-29 tells the story of the disciples, who were hiding behind locked doors after Jesus’ crucifixion, and Thomas, who had doubts about Jesus’ resurrection. Sound familiar? We all have doubts at times, and this passage offers wisdom on how to deal with them in healthy and productive ways. While doubts may not always lead to answers, they can lead to spiritual growth. Come learn about the healthy and unhealthy ways to approach doubt and find peace in the midst of uncertainty.

Who is Jesus: He is Risen!


In this Easter message we will delve into the story of Mary Magdalene and her encounter with the resurrected Jesus. At first, Mary was distraught upon seeing the empty tomb and assumed that someone had stolen Jesus’ body. However, her despair quickly turned to amazement when she saw the resurrected Jesus standing before her.

Who is Jesus: Living Water


Looking to quench your thirst for spiritual refreshment? The scripture in this message tells the story of Jesus asking a Samaritan woman for a drink of water. It was surprising as Jews and Samaritans didn’t share things in common, but Jesus had a plan in mind. Jesus knew the woman had a hard life, and he promised her something extraordinary – “living water.” This water would ease the pain in her heart and refresh her life in ways she couldn’t imagine. As we explore this story, we’ll learn that living water is available to all who seek it.

Who is Jesus: Calming Our Fears


Storms hit all of us, and in these rough times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. But when the waves threaten to swamp our boat, we have a decision to make – will we trust in Jesus? In this message, we’ll explore how Jesus calmed the storm and saved his disciples, teaching us the power of trusting in him during life’s most challenging moments.

Who is Jesus: Kingdom Proclaimer


In this message, we will delve into five similes that Jesus used to describe the kingdom of heaven. First, we will examine the mustard seed, which is a small and seemingly insignificant seed that grows into a large bush. Next, we will look at yeast, which is a powerful ingredient that transforms dough into a delicious loaf of bread. Thirdly, we will reflect on the treasure in a field, which is hidden and valuable. Then, we will ponder upon the fine pearl, which is a precious and valuable gem. Finally, we will consider the fishing net, which captures fish of all kinds, both good and bad. Join us as we explore these powerful similes Jesus created, and gain a deeper appreciation for the kingdom of heaven.

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