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Love in the Midst of Conflict


We live in a time of conflict. Two opposing forces or opinions pull us in different directions. Not much communication is taking place between the sides. Both sides think they need to apply more power and they will persevere. But many people get hurt in this type of struggle. Would it surprise you to learn this was going on in the Christian Church in Corinth 2,000 years ago? Fortunately the Apostle Paul had a solution for them.

Staying in Love: In the Gap


There is always a gap between our expectations and the reality of what happens in a marriage relationship. What we place in this gap can either kill a marriage or help a marriage flourish. Pastor Fred will talk about what we might place in that gap.

On Your Heart: Green Eyed Envy


We use heart monitors to keep track of our heart beat and it’s rhythm but do we monitor what is on our heart? Do we monitor the emotions that we feel? Because it is those emotions that drive our life. Do various emotions like jealousy rule our heart and guide our life? Then how might we clear our heart of envy?

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church