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Message in the Munchies


One of the most significant statements made by Jesus is that he is “the bread of life.” In this message we will delve into the deeper, more profound meaning of Jesus’ words, examining how he offers himself as the true bread of heaven, the source of spiritual nourishment that gives life to the world. We will also contemplate the ways in which our spiritual hunger and thirst can be satisfied by the grace of God, who offers us the bread of life through faith in Jesus Christ. So watch and discover the transformative power of the bread of life.



From time to time, Jesus used something to create something more. For instance, He used water to make wine. He used a fish’s mouth, to deliver a coin to pay Caesar’s tax. He fed a crowd of 5,000 by accepting a boys lunch that had been offered to him. Can these miracles still happen today? Pastor Fred will address that question in a message titled, “Foodini.”

I Am… the Bread of Life


Bread is comfort food. The smell of bread baking reminds us of home and family. It evokes memories of warmth and love. In a hungry world like ours, where many are starving physically, spiritually and emotionally bread is a gift of hope. Jesus describes Himself as the bread of life. What does He mean by this?

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church