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Resolving Conflict


How do we navigate conflicts in our lives while remaining true to our faith? Jesus provides us with practical and heartfelt guidance on how to address disagreements and conflicts within our community. Whether it’s a misunderstanding with a friend, a family squabble, or a deeper rift, Jesus teaches us the power of forgiveness and reconciliation. Our message this week, will explore the steps Jesus outlines for resolving conflicts and the transformative power of mercy and grace. We’ll delve into the significance of forgiving not just seven times, but seventy-seven times, and how this radical call to forgiveness can heal our relationships and strengthen our faith community. Together, let’s learn how to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and unity.

Love in the Midst of Conflict


We live in a time of conflict. Two opposing forces or opinions pull us in different directions. Not much communication is taking place between the sides. Both sides think they need to apply more power and they will persevere. But many people get hurt in this type of struggle. Would it surprise you to learn this was going on in the Christian Church in Corinth 2,000 years ago? Fortunately the Apostle Paul had a solution for them.

Grateful Hearts: Cain or Abel


We know the scriptures say, “God loves a cheerful giver.” A cheerful giver doesn’t give reluctantly or out of compulsion. A cheerful giver gives out of thanks for all that God does for him or her. Maybe that was Cain’s problem.

Muzzling Monsters: Political Worries


Politics stir up emotions. Often we can’t talk about politics at home, at church or with friends because of the division it causes. During election cycles fear may be stirred up in us as candidates point out various things that we should be afraid of. So where do we find hope and peace?

Family Feud: Family Fights


All families have some conflict. When conflict inevitably arises people respond differently to it. Some ways are effective and some increase the conflict and damage done to the family. The book of James has a powerful tool that will lessen conflict in your family.

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