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Sleep Over


There are times when we may feel isolated. A husband’s life is empty because his wife died. A person might lack friends, community, or a social network. We might feel distanced from our spouse. God knows some of us struggle with feelings of desperate loneliness. That’s why the thought that Jesus is Emmanuel, “God with us,” is a powerful theological concept. In this message, we explore how Jesus’ arrival as a baby transforms our life and brings us comfort.

Light Your Candle: Emmanuel


God sought to communicate His love and His purpose for humanity through the law, through the prophets, through scripture and worship at a temple in Jerusalem but still the people did not get it. So God did something different. God became one of us in a baby born in a stable. Emmanuel: God with us.

Mary’s Curve Ball


Life sends us curve balls. We lose our job. Our spouse dies. We file for bankruptcy. We get a divorce. We are hurt in a severe accident. A child becomes addicted to drugs. The list goes on and on. Mary the mother of Jesus was thrown a curve ball when the angel tells her that she will give birth to the son of God. Her reaction to Gabriel’s curve ball is a helpful example of how we might react.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church