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Who is Jesus: Living Water


Looking to quench your thirst for spiritual refreshment? The scripture in this message tells the story of Jesus asking a Samaritan woman for a drink of water. It was surprising as Jews and Samaritans didn’t share things in common, but Jesus had a plan in mind. Jesus knew the woman had a hard life, and he promised her something extraordinary – “living water.” This water would ease the pain in her heart and refresh her life in ways she couldn’t imagine. As we explore this story, we’ll learn that living water is available to all who seek it.

Chance Your Arm


Have you had to deal with difficult people? Not just in your community but your family? Resentment can build and escalate and finally get out of control. Because of interactions like these, fights have broken out on aircraft, in stores, workplaces, lines, and homes. People retaliate against each other. Fortunately, there is another way to deal with troublesome people.

More Than Expected: An Oxymoron


In the parable of the person who is robbed, beaten and left for dead, Jesus picks a controversial hero. He could have picked a less controversial character but he wanted to teach His listeners something important. Something that could speak to our world in 2021.

Muzzling Monsters: Political Worries


Politics stir up emotions. Often we can’t talk about politics at home, at church or with friends because of the division it causes. During election cycles fear may be stirred up in us as candidates point out various things that we should be afraid of. So where do we find hope and peace?

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church