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How is Your Heart: Receptive Heart


The seed goes everywhere. God flings grace in all directions. It’s a gift. It’s there to be taken. God is no miser or hoarder of blessings. On the contrary, God is a God of abundance. Jesus knows this when he encourages us to evaluate what type of soil we are. How might we be the fertile soil receptive to God’s grace?

On Your Heart: How is Your Heart?


As we grow older we learn to modify our behavior. We learn what to say to get a job or to get a date. We learn what to say to keep a relationship going and to make life work. But Jesus challenges us to go deeper. He wants us to examine our soul which causes us to say the things we do. He even challenged his listeners to pay more attention to things of the heart than other things they were focused on.

Steps of Wesley: Seeking Holiness


Sermon preached at Gold Canyon United Methodist Church in Gold Canyon, Arizona on September 13, 2015 by Rev. Fred Steinberg Gold Canyon United Methodist Church 6640 S Kings Ranch Rd. Gold Canyon, Arizona  85118 480-982-3776

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church