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Unmasking Hypocrisy

Ever wonder why it’s so easy to say one thing and do another? In this message, we’re diving deep into the heart of hypocrisy as Jesus challenges us in Matthew 23:1-15. In a world where appearances often matter more than reality, it’s tempting to wear a mask. But what did Jesus really think about such pretense? We’re uncovering the powerful truths in His words, revealing how we can live authentically in faith and actions.

Letter vs. Spirit


The Pharisees and scribes think they have found a time when Jesus is breaking the Hebrew law. So they call Jesus to account for his actions only to find that their actions are much worse. Their actions are so bad that Jesus calls them hypocrites. How do we avoid being hypocrites? Pastor Fred Steinberg will explore the one thing that will help.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church