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Upside Down: Be Prepared…BYOF

Jesus tells a parable about five foolish bridesmaids and five wise bridesmaids that seems upside down to other parables Jesus taught about grace, mercy, and sharing. Jesus criticizes the unprepared for not bringing enough oil and highlights the reward for those who have arrived with enough resources. This message will examine what Jesus is teaching us about faith and preparation.

Who is Jesus: Kingdom Proclaimer


In this message, we will delve into five similes that Jesus used to describe the kingdom of heaven. First, we will examine the mustard seed, which is a small and seemingly insignificant seed that grows into a large bush. Next, we will look at yeast, which is a powerful ingredient that transforms dough into a delicious loaf of bread. Thirdly, we will reflect on the treasure in a field, which is hidden and valuable. Then, we will ponder upon the fine pearl, which is a precious and valuable gem. Finally, we will consider the fishing net, which captures fish of all kinds, both good and bad. Join us as we explore these powerful similes Jesus created, and gain a deeper appreciation for the kingdom of heaven.

Any Limits… to God’s Kingdom


What is the Kingdom of God? It’s harder for us to understand the Kingdom of God today because we don’t have kings and kingdoms in the United States. Yet Jesus frequently talked about the Kingdom of God in three different ways.

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