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Debunking Four Christian Myths: Breaking Free


Are you living by law or by grace? Have you ever felt bogged down by the weight of traditions and expectations? In this message we will debunk the myth: “Becoming a Christian means just following a list of rules.” We’ll learn how to break free from the chains of rules and step into the liberating light of grace. Don’t miss this opportunity to renew your spirit and transform your walk with God.

Written in Stone: Your God


Often, we associate commandments with strict rules and regulations that may seem distant or burdensome. But in this message, we will take a look at the first commandment in Exodus 20 through the lens of love. This perspective changes the impact of all of God’s commandments and rules. This change in perspective is necessary because rules without relationships only result in rebellion.

I Do What I Do Not Want


Sometimes we do what we do not want to do. We make a commitment to change our ways and yet we find ourselves in the same old rut. If this happens enough we might even give up changing at all. But the Apostle Paul has a solution that Pastor Fred will explore on Pentecost Sunday. A way to get out of that rut.

New & Improved: New Menu


Christianity almost became a small sect of Judaism until a decision was made at the first Church Council. That decision would declare that grace was way more important than the Law of Moses. It would define Christianity forever.

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