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Written in Stone: The Second Tablet


Have you ever asked yourself how we can create a more loving and compassionate world? This message will explore the fifth through tenth commandments from Exodus 20:12-17. These commandments are not just about how we relate to one another but are a blueprint for striving to be the best versions of ourselves. Through this reflection, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of our roles as community members who respect one another’s property, relationships, and boundaries. This exploration will offer us new insights into the nature of our life together and inspire us to create a better world.

Faith Foundations: Rules of Engagement


There are many commandments and rules found throughout the Bible. Jesus even introduced a few more commands to the hundreds found in the Old Testament. Why does Christianity have rules? Are they necessary? Do they symbolize something? In this message we will take a close look at how the rules and commandments bring us into relationship with God and each other.

Letter vs. Spirit


The Pharisees and scribes think they have found a time when Jesus is breaking the Hebrew law. So they call Jesus to account for his actions only to find that their actions are much worse. Their actions are so bad that Jesus calls them hypocrites. How do we avoid being hypocrites? Pastor Fred Steinberg will explore the one thing that will help.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church