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Message in the Munchies


One of the most significant statements made by Jesus is that he is “the bread of life.” In this message we will delve into the deeper, more profound meaning of Jesus’ words, examining how he offers himself as the true bread of heaven, the source of spiritual nourishment that gives life to the world. We will also contemplate the ways in which our spiritual hunger and thirst can be satisfied by the grace of God, who offers us the bread of life through faith in Jesus Christ. So watch and discover the transformative power of the bread of life.

Journey to Easter: A Meal in the Midst of Uncertainty


We don’t know what’s going to happen next. At times the world seems crazy, and it looks like the wheels have come off, and life seems so uncertain. We may have uncertainty about our marriage, our family, our economy, our nation, our world, and our health. Uncertainty causes fear, a sense of powerlessness, or confusion about what to do next. So how do we live with uncertainty? In a message titled “A Meal in the Midst of Uncertainty,” we will look at how communion can help us understand how God strengthens us amid uncertainty.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church