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Memorable Monuments

Delve into a monumental tale of God’s divine intervention, as He instructs Hebrews to erect a lasting reminder of a life-changing event. Immerse yourself in the story that transcends time, resonating with our own need to remember God’s presence and blessings. Join us as we explore how these ancient stones still speak to us today, strengthening our faith and uplifting our spirits. Witness the power of remembrance and embrace renewed gratitude.

Come Alive: We Forget


We have a tendency to forget. We forget to buy a birthday card for someone we love or we fail to show up for a very important meeting. Sometimes we even forget God. We fail to remember what God has done for us. So God has devised ways to help us remember because we need reminders.

Do We Remember?


Talk about God is falling out of favor in our country. Some say it is not cool any longer to talk about God because people from other cultures and religions are excluded. Some say we don’t talk much about God because it makes people uncomfortable. Others say we are so smart that we have moved […]

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church