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Water of Life: Step Out of the Boat


Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a storm, feeling as though you’re sinking under the weight of your worries and fears? This Sunday, we invite you to join us as we dive into Matthew 14:22-33, where Jesus walks on water and Peter takes a leap of faith. In this powerful passage, we witness a moment of miraculous trust and learn the importance of keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, especially when the waves around us grow wild.

Peter: Through the Storm


When we face difficult times, we might feel like we’re in the midst of darkness and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, we don’t see hope. Some of us might describe it as being in the midst of a storm, and we worry the waves will swamp our boat. A storm threatened to sink Peter and the disciples’ boat, but Jesus arrived on the scene and caused them to think differently. Peter even requested to take a risky step while the other disciples were boat potatoes.

Leap of Faith


Faith is the bridge between where I am, and the place God is taking me. Hear what skydiving, Peter’s walk on the water, and making a decision to follow Christ all have in common.

Muzzling Monsters: Send Someone Else


We often fear failure. What happens if it doesn’t work out? What are people going to think if I fail? Fear of failure caused Moses to give a list of excuses when God asked him to do something. Moses even gave God a suggestion. “O my Lord, please send someone else.” Fortunately God didn’t let him excuse his way out of fear. How might God help us deal with our fear of failure?

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