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Toxic: Stinkin Thinkin


This Sunday we start a three-week sermon series on toxic thinking, toxic relationships, and toxic behavior that harms our life. Many people don’t feel good about themselves. Some would rather not look in the mirror. Motivational speaker zig Ziglar calls it “stinkin thinkin.” How do we deal with destructive thinking? In this message we will talk about some solutions.

I Do What I Do Not Want


Sometimes we do what we do not want to do. We make a commitment to change our ways and yet we find ourselves in the same old rut. If this happens enough we might even give up changing at all. But the Apostle Paul has a solution that Pastor Fred will explore on Pentecost Sunday. A way to get out of that rut.

Gospel of Dogs: Dog Rescue


Dogs often do what they shouldn’t do. When left alone they tear up the couch or eat the cupcakes left on the kitchen counter. The Apostle Paul said that he also had the problem of doing what he knew he shouldn’t do. It seems that dogs and human are a lot alike regarding temptation. Fortunately God is out to rescue us from this tendency.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church