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Written in Stone: Strung Too Tight


The fourth commandment has so much to teach us about the importance of rest and reflection. As a church community, we are constantly on the go, and there is always a never-ending to-do list waiting for us. This message reminds us to slow down, rest, and rejuvenate in His presence. It’s a chance for us to step away from the busyness of life and find true peace in God’s love. In the process, we learn more about God’s desire for us to depend on Him. If you are a busy person, following this commandment may be difficult.

Margin for Life: Rest from Stress


Why do some of us create lives that are so burdened? We don’t consciously want more stress. We don’t consciously want unhealthy relationships. Lack of disciple, disorganization, or a type-A personality might be part of the problem. Even fear can drive us to fill our lives with too many commitments and activities. Surprisingly enough, the Bible and Jesus think this is a problem. Fortunately, they also have a solution.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church