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Catching Your Breath


Do you ever feel overwhelmed and in need of a moment’s peace? In this message, we will uncover the hidden power of solitude and its significance in our spiritual journey. In this week’s sermon, we explore how Jesus frequently withdrew to solitary places to pray. What can we learn from Jesus’ practice of seeking solitude? How can carving out moments of quiet reflection amidst our hectic lives transform our relationship with God and ourselves?

Behold the Savior: Mute


Some of us rarely sit quietly while alone. The silence and solitude can be unsettling. If we stop and rest in the quiet, we must listen to what is happening inside us. Sometimes we pull out our smartphones to avoid a quiet moment. Poor Zechariah was mute for nine months. Can you imagine not speaking for nine months? But the time of reflection changed his life. How might some quiet time change our life?\

Listening to God: Sound of Silence


Some of us have faced burnout. We just don’t feel like doing it anymore. Some are tired or exhausted. Sometimes burnout and depression are so severe that we might say, “God just take my life!” We may feel like the prophet Elijah. Yet God ministered to Elijah’s burnout through the sound of sheer silence.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church