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I Am… the True Vine


Connections are critically important to the Christian life. Jesus calls Himself the true vine which implies that we can connect to false vines. But if we connect to the true vine we are promised that we will bear tons of fruit. How connected are we to Christ?

The Church Has Left the Building: Don’t Social Distance from God


We left the church building over four months ago. That action can help our faith and Christian witness. We are reminded that the Church never was the building. The Church is the people who used to worship in the building. If we are still the Church then how do we stay close to God and close to each other? It is a plant that will give us some direction.

I Do What I Do Not Want


Sometimes we do what we do not want to do. We make a commitment to change our ways and yet we find ourselves in the same old rut. If this happens enough we might even give up changing at all. But the Apostle Paul has a solution that Pastor Fred will explore on Pentecost Sunday. A way to get out of that rut.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church